When referring a patient to The Health Lodge please email or fax the following:

  •  A referral letter with a brief outline of the main condition and treatments to date. Please also include therapies and treatments you feel the patient will benefit from
  •  All pathology – what we do well as a team is go over all pathology from the patients entire history
  •  All functional test results
  •  All specialist reports
  •  All ultra sounds, scans, xray reports
  • Full list of medication
  • Full list of supplementation

Our reception

  • Can send a release of medical records form to your clinic for the patient to sign
  • Can assist with the transfer of information
  • Will arrange a 1 hour intake phone/skype interview with the patient to get a full case history

Once we have all of the above information the patient’s case will be taken to the team meeting where a 1-2 week inpatient program will be developed.

On departure

The patient will leave with a full exit report outlining treatments, further test results and future health direction for the patient . A copy of this exit report will be sent to the referring practitioner’s clinic.