What is Postnatal Depletion?

An increasing number of women are having children later in life.  As a result, mothers may experience a higher rate of physical consequences such as lethargy, memory disturbances and poor energy levels.  This is a condition our resident GP, Dr Oscar Serrallach has coined "Postnatal Depletion". 

Recovery depends upon holistically addressing and attending to a mother's biology, psychology and life-purpose.  Dr Oscar's groundbreaking book for women "The Postnatal Depletion Cure" outlines a program that has been developed based on his observations and support to dozens of women with Postnatal Depletion.

Dr Oscar has developed a screening and treatment protocol that addresses the requirements of fourth trimester healing, which can be applied up to a decade after childbirth.  The treatment process utilises functional medicine, taking into consideration the multi-faced nature of a mother's health, environment and lifestyle and addressing needs on the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual level. 

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Postnatal Depletion can be potentially devastating for relationships and for families if not addressed.  Using an integrated medical approach, Dr Oscar works exclusively with the Naturopathic and GP teams at The Health Lodge to provide personalised treatment plans for patients experiencing postnatal depletion.

Postnatal Depletion Health Consultation Overview

For Australian Patients:

1. Initial consultation with Dr Oscar and his Clinical Assistant/Naturopath

During your first consultation, one of our highly qualified Naturopaths will conduct an initial 45 minute consultation, where a full case history is taken. You and your Naturopath will then be joined by Dr Oscar for the next part of your consultation, which will consist of 45 minutes.

We conduct tests to confirm if the condition is present and Dr Oscar will assess your biological health, environment and lifestyle in order to work on addressing your needs on the physical, psychological, emotional and social level.  In collaboration with Dr Oscar, our uniquely skilled and experienced team will work to deliver the best quality of care to help you rebuild your health and reclaim your energy.

2. Follow up appointments

Depending on your case, our team will advise if further appointments are required.  These follow up consultations are for 30-45 minutes.

Consultation Fees*:

  • 90 minute initial consultation with Naturopath/Clinical Assistant and Dr Oscar $470 (AUD)

  • 45 min follow up appointments with Dr Oscar and your Naturopath $390-$400 (AUD)

  • 30 min follow up appointments with Dr Oscar and your Naturopath $280 (AUD)

  • Additional costs may include specialist consultations, diagnostics, supplements, medication, IV Vitamins and pathology tests.

  • Medicare rebates not applicable for Skype consultations with Dr Oscar Serrallach. Private Health Rebates may be available for your sessions with our Naturopaths.

*Prices are subject to change. Please contact us on 6685 6445 if you have any questions.

Postnatal Depletion Health Consultation Booking

Contact one of our Program Co-ordinators to discuss about a treatment plan for Postnatal Depletion.  Initial and follow-up consultation payments must be paid in full at the time of appointment.  

Our Clinical Assistants / Naturopathic Team:

Emma and Kristin work with Dr Oscar as his Clinical Assistants.  Combined with their extensive naturopathic experience, they form the Postnatal Depletion team with Dr Oscar to provide an integrative approach to give you the best possible care and treatment plan.

To learn more about holistic care from Byron Bay's leading team of naturopaths, visit www.naturopathbyronbay.com.au

Postnatal Depletion Health Consultation for International Patients

Postnatal Depletion Health Consultations are available for patients outside Australia.  Our team will determine your treatment plan, however it is a requirement that we work with your medical doctor in your country.  

Order your copy of "The Postnatal Depletion Cure"

Contact The Health Lodge to buy your copy of "The Post Natal Depletion Cure" by Dr Oscar Serrallach. 

RRP $30 + $11  (AUD) for postage within Australia.


Postnatal Depletion Health Consultation Cancellation Policy

If, after booking and paying for a Postnatal Depletion Health Consultation, you are unable to attend, the following refund policy will apply:

Re-scheduling 24 hours or less prior to commencement of your Postnatal Depletion Health Consultation, will incur a fee of $50.

Cancellation 24 hours or less prior to commencement of the Postnatal Depletion Health Consultation, will incur a charge of 50% of the appointment fee.