Our Wellness Kitchen is the most important dispensary we offer because we believe food can be your medicine. Eating well is a vital part of your journey towards achieving optimal health.

We provide with local, seasonal and organic food, offering a delicious array of fruits and vegetables, local fish and grass-fed meat, and catering to vegetarians and other dietary requirements. With these healthy choices, the Wellness Kitchen is able to create a food experience that is pleasurable, nutritious and healing. No bland meals. Just food packed with taste, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and love.

Fresh, organic meals tailored to your health needs and preferences

Because relieving illness through food is an integral part of The Health Lodge’s healing program, we tailor every meal to your bio-individuality. All your meals will be prepared in our Wellness Kitchen during your stay. You’ll lunch with our naturopath to discuss how to use food to enhance your wellbeing.

Private cooking classes

Participate in private, hands-on cooking lessons so you can return home with the confidence to prepare nourishing and delicious food in your own kitchen. Our team is passionate about helping you learn how to use food to enhance your wellbeing.

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