The unique and therapeutic healing power of Thai Yoga Massage


By Jamie Kennedy, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

Thai Yoga massage is an ancient form of therapeutic healing, a creative, intuitive and graceful flowing art, and unique and powerful massage therapy.

Until fairly recently it was the Buddhist temple, where massage was taught and practiced. Where the giving of massage was understood to be a physical application of 'loving kindness' - and devoted masseurs still work in such a spirit today.

A good masseur performs this art in a meditative mood and works from a place of full awareness, mindfulness and concentration. There is a huge difference between a massage performed in a meditative mood and a massage done as a job. A masseur working in a meditative mood can develop an intuition for the energy flow in the body and for the Prana lines, creating a synchronicity between the energies of the body and the movements and techniques being applied to the body. This style of Thai massage creates a divine flow between the recipient’s energy and the masseuse, which is very different from systematic massage pressing predetermined points often experienced in standardised “Thai Massage”.

Contrary to Western style massage, Thai massage does not primarily work with the physical body but rather with the energy body. The kneading of muscles, which dominates in Western style massage, is absent from Thai massage, where energy points are pressed or general pressure is used instead. There is stretching involved and many positions might well be described as 'applied Hatha Yoga' or 'applied physical Yoga'.

Thai massage shares many similarities with Shiatsu and forms that blend the two, osteopathic techniques have also found their way into Thai massage in recent years. Learning in a multicultural environment with practitioners from around the world, Thai massage is now more dynamic and inclusive of other styles than in traditional times.

Most people have experienced a Thai massage as part of their holiday experience but few have ventured off track to experience the depth of therapists and masters who perform this art. Our Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Jamie has fortunately had the opportunity to study and understand the depths of history and evolution of this style of bodywork. His multitude of learnings, travels and experiences, combined with his own unique and deeply intuitive nature combine to make him an exceptional practitioner. Jamie creates a unique experience, tailored to the energies and needs of each individual client.

Jamie Kennedy is our Thai Yoga Massage therapist who believes that now, more than ever, how when not connected to the mind, the body suffers and then eventually tries to reconnect with the mind often with 'pain' or illness as the form communication.

Jamie works to assess and address imbalances in your structure and musculature, and work with the energetic body to remove blockages and restore equilibrium. Connecting the mind and body supports the body's ability to heal, empowering the body towards health and vitality. Book online for a Thai Yoga Massage with Jamie or contact our Client Support Team on 02 6685 6445 for more information.

*This blog features the views of the writer and is for educational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your doctor or other qualified health practitioners before acting on information on this article, particularly if you have a medical condition, taking medication or if you are pregnant.