Naturopathic treatment for hayfever

Hay fever is one of those conditions that people just learn to live with.  The constant sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose can be extremely debilitating.  Unlike other allergies, it is a condition that is generally caused by our environment and often no matter how diligent we are with keeping the home dust and mould free we cant control the seasons.

The good news is that there are a couple of very simple hay fever remedies that can help.  Cod liver oil and Fenugreek are two great hay fever remedies that help the mucus membrane to be a little less reactive.

Echinacea and Vitamin D are main immune mediators that help to settle the bodies hypersensitivity to its environment.

Quercetin is by far the most effective nutrient as it works on both settling the immune systems over-activity while mediating the causing factors.

Hay fever relief is often possible with herbs and nutrients.  It may take a little while to figure out what combination best suits the individuals presentation, but I rarely see cases of hay fever that don’t respond favourably.

Occasionally dietary changes are also necessary and looking at digestion can be an important part of finding what works best. The two tests I would recommend when looking at treating hay fever are: a finger prick IgG test looking at foods that might be triggering an immune response; and an IgE blood serum test, a standard blood test that you can request from your GP. This will show the degree of  effect the environment is having on your  hay fever.

For hay fever relief each case needs to be assessed individually and for this I would highly recommend seeing a naturopath. Natural hay fever remedies are highly effective when the right combination of treatment is applied.

Written by Reine DuBois