Medical and Alternative solutions for Chronic Pain

I have spent many years searching for an answer to my chronic pain, and it has been a long and lonely road. There is not an area of my life that has not been changed by chronic pain. I have lost friends, and it has stopped me playing sports and enjoying my social life. I have to constantly watch my stress levels to not send my pain levels soaring. I feel restricted and burdened inside, yet I keep it to myself, because who wants to hear about that?

I speak from a place of being an experienced Healer, with good awareness of anatomy and physiology, energy, and of the role of emotions on our health. Still I was lost. As hard as I tried I could not heal myself despite facilitating healing for thousands of people. It is so tiring taking yourself from one practitioner to another trying to find the 'cure', or at least some relief from the relentless pain and discomfort that chronic pain brings. I walked the alternative route and I walked the medical route, yet still I felt like I was in a maze of which I could not make sense. How must this feel to the average person suffering from chronic pain, who does not have my background, knowledge and experience? It must be even harder!

Well-meaning friends and family tell you to try this person or that person, trying to find you an answer. So you pick yourself up from the weariness and depression that drags you deeper into the hole and hope that the next approach will fix it. Maybe the last physio/doctor/healer was not the right one and this one will be the one to help you at long last. And when you still get no results your spirits drop once more and you are back to square one dealing with pain as your constant unwanted friend.

Recently I saw Reine Du Bois (Naturopath) and Dr Bettie Honey (GP). Together they took time to get my story of how I came to have chronic pain, and to see what had worked and what hadn't worked in the past. They used their collective knowledge from both medical and alternative perspectives to brainstorm possible courses of treatment for me. They did this with great care and respect, and checked in with me on how I felt about the options they were presenting. I felt relief that I had two caring people in front of me who were going to help me put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together. I wasn't alone anymore; there was a team now. It felt like there was more hope, that together we could do it. It soothed my mind and gave my spirits a great lift. I felt I could relax a little knowing I was in good hands; knowing my problem was being looked at from a few angles at once.

The world needs this new approach. We have become a society of individuals running solo in our lives, some of us living alone, working alone, barely seeing extended family, and pushed for time to spend with friends. Collectively we can become a mastermind if we work together building on one another’s knowledge and expertise. If you had a dedicated, hand picked team of medical and alternative practitioners focused on your healing, the power in that concept alone could be enough for your healing, and that is even before the work begins. If I could take the money I spent over the last decade and put it into a team to heal not just my chronic pain but heal myself on all levels, I would be there in a nanosecond.... (This article has been written by an experienced practitioner who for professional reasons wishes to remain anonymous.)