Kirstie Hobson - My Story from Sickness to Health.

I have spent the last 9 months in recovery from a bout of severe sickness. I originally became ill after a meal on a night out in Sydney and had severe diarrhoea for several days, to my knowledge it was just a bad reaction to a piece of salmon and in a few days I should be fine but little did I know it would impact my health and life for the coming 19 months. I had severe constipation for up to 7 weeks and could not ingest any food or liquids without incredible discomfort. I had low energy, my abdomen was swollen with intense pain and gas. I went to two doctors who told me I had lack of fibre in my diet which was untrue as my diet was very organic and balanced and had not altered. I became so sick I was hospitalised for 2 days where all they did was try to flush me out with pico prep and enemas, which just dehydrated my body and aggravated my intestines to an excruciating state. I released myself from hospital and spent the next year in bed.

As the year went on more and more food became indigestible to me. Pain got so great I was sleeping 5 hours a day, I had to drop my studies and my working hours were depleted. My spirit became dull and my periods stopped, I had frequent flu like symptoms. I was seeing an osteopath monthly as my joints were painful and I was experiencing amazing headaches weekly. I tried colonics, different diets, doctors, hospitals, specialists, all the herbs you can imagine, laxatives, and when researching only found constipation and lack of fibre as the possible causes. It got to a point were after a year I was spending 1-2 hrs on the bathroom floor daily and for 3 months could only tolerate bananas and milk. I had lost all hope.

Previous to this I had travelled Oz, rode 15 horses a day for my job and been very active. I ate everything, slept great and had been bubbly and vibrant. I was healthy as a horse.

I found Reine at The Health Lodge and sent her a long email about my sickness and all my family history as there are many illnesses in the family along with cancer and Crohns Disease.

She rang me back the next day and got me in asap.

Reine was thorough and took down and listened to every bit of info I had on my condition and right away did not just assume the genetic constipation issues which many doctors had previously. She suggested a possible Streptococcus infection or a Parasite infection. Reine explained in-depth the causes and symptoms of both and how to test for it in several ways to cover all bases. Also explaining why it had gradually degraded my body and diet. She assured me we would find what was wrong and fix it. As soon as I went into her office I felt at ease like she really cares and understands how much this has stopped my life and I knew I could trust in her to help me like a mum. She considered my financial situation for treatments and was at the end of an email or phone anytime I needed her for advice or to let her know what was happening. We used herbal remedies along with antibiotic medication and testing to diagnose the problem and treat it accordingly. The main fact is that many heads are better than 1.

The Health Lodge team worked together to fix my problem. Reine has medical knowledge and works alongside it with herbal natural remedies.. Without that assistance of her herbal and nutritional medicine prescription I would not have healed.

My internal organs had gone through so much that just a simple antibiotic prescription to kill the Streptococcus was too severe on me and made it worse.  Reine gave me supplements and dietary requirements to help prepare my body for the drugs and recover from the antibiotics keeping my gut flora balanced.

After 8 months of following her testing, diet, supplements and drugs I am now back to full health and weight, periods back, no infections or flu’s, back to studying, working and fitness.

It took a long time to recover but knowing I had the best team of people out there to care for me gave me reassurance there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Many Doctors treat all patients the same and you spend hours in waiting rooms and are never sure if they know how to fix the problem. If it’s severe or strange there’s an even smaller chance.

Reine and the team made me feel at home I had emails at night, early morning, and they all cared very much. Reine and The Health Lodge team are not only amazing at what they do but beautiful people inside and out.

I also must pass thanks on to my Mother who is in the UK who spent the year fretting about me but unable to do anything.

I hope this helps anyone with similar symptoms to speak up and invest in their health. You only live once don't waist it being sick and depressed there is always a cure you just need to find the right team.